Ask McFartnuggets: “When My Cat Drools Does That Mean She Loves Me?

Just because Bob at work drools
to show he likes you doesn't
mean cats do the same thing.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
My cat drools a lot, does that mean she loves me? I heard people say cats don’t show real emotion they just trick us into thinking they love us so we give them food. Is my cat drooling for me or is it a ruse to get Meow Mix? -- Nelson from Detroit

Dear Nelson:
Feline drooling or Ptyalism has been noted as a sign of cat happiness. However it is more commonly a sign of a feline illness such as mouth ulcers, poisoning, foreign object, rabies, cat flu, poor oral hygiene, oral cancer, nausea, tumors, etc. To put it simply, cats ain’t sposed to drool. If the drooling is excessive then you should be worried and take your cat to the vet. So it could mean the cat is happy, but it could also mean it’s dying. Either one. Maybe it means your cat loves you to death, I don’t know. Check its mouth.

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