The Creepiest Thing About Alzheimer’s Disease

This is an illustration of the before and after effects of Alzheimer’s Disease on a human brain:



Has anyone else noticed how a brain damaged by Alzheimer’s Disease looks like a scary demon face? What’s weird is that the brain starts off looking like the inner workings of a vagina with the Fallopian tubes and ovaries. Later, as Alzheimer’s ravages the brain it cuts out big eyes, a little nose, and an evil mouth for itself. Some might say this is just an illusion and people see what they want to see, but this isn’t like seeing Jesus’s face in a Chalupa. Unlike those instances, this visual is not rare. This is what most Alzheimer’s brains end up looking like so that’s pretty messed up. Every single one gets a creepy face demon brain in them. It might not mean anything in particular, but it’s still creepy as shit.

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