The Top 5 Jobs With Very High Turnover Rates

When you're desperate for work
there are some jobs that are always
looking for more people.
These days jobs are getting harder and harder to find which means you want to look to get into industries where there’s a high turnover. High turnover means higher likelihood for vacancies. In today’s world, just getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. Traditionally, jobs with high turnover have been seen as bad because it means people keep quitting, but when you’re desperate for money you can rise through the ranks of even the crappiest job and make a decent career for yourself. Here are the top 5 jobs with high turnover rates:

5. Salesman
Some of the best people in the world have been salesmen, a lot of the worst too, but was Hitler as salesman? I doubt it. Being in sales can be very rewarding as long as you’re offering a good product. If you’re not it can be pretty brutal and you’re going to have to be comfortable with fucking people over. Once you get past that, anything is possible! Sales: Hey, at least Hitler never did it!

Most sales pyramid scheme based organizations will take as many people as they need.

4. Drug mule
Being a drug mule is a fairly high risk profession. It’s more of a part-time gig for most people. Full-timers have to risk their lives on a constant basis and it’s not very rewarding, but the money can be good. Just make sure you’re comfortable with things jammed into intimate areas of your person.

Because of PETA they can't use real mules. More jobs for us!

3. Escort
There’s always a great demand for escorts out there because people are always quitting. Usually they can’t take the abuse and objectification. The lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but if you’re one of those people it is for then the door is always open for you.

Escorts are always being taken to prison so there's a constant need for replenishment.

2. Daredevil
Being a daredevil takes a lot of balls. Sometimes those balls can end up jammed up into your sternum if you fail a motorcycle jump. It’s probably one of the most exciting professions around and there will always be a need for daredevils. People love the thrill of maybe seeing someone die.

Even the best stunt performers have to retire early before they slip up and die on set so there are always new opportunities.

And the number one best job with high turnover is...

1. Lion trainer
If you love working with animals and love lions then you may want to look into the lion training business. Look into zoos for lion keeper positions. Really any jobs that involve very large scary animals that can kill people easily. You might have to be a little patient, but sooner or later you’re going to see job openings. Just don’t ask what happened to the last guy during the interview.

Do you think this guy even expects to be alive by the end of the week?

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