Dumbass Sayings “OD”

It's very easy to OD on bullets.
Kids on the street these days like using the term “OD” to mean “Overdoing” like “Yo, holmes. My mom is going OD on the fish stick casserole tonight!” This is all well and good except that “OD” is a medical term meaning “Overdose” and while that’s almost the same thing as “Overdoing” it’s clearly more dangerous. You never want to be in a situation where you find your girlfriend passed out in an empty room with a bottle of pills in her hand and run out of the room saying “My girlfriend is OD’ing right now!” Everyone at the party will say “Yeah we know, yo! That bitch is crazy!” This can be a very serious misunderstanding that eats away precious seconds when someone has overdosed on oxycodone. Because “OD” has been turned into a fun phrase that you might use to describe your biology teacher and his homework assignments, you lose the ability to use the word for its more serious meaning in a deadly emergency and that’s just stupid.

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