Dumbass Sayings: “Cliché”

French words are so cliche.
Whenever something is overused to the point of being meaningless people always call it “Cliché”. That’s all people ever call it. To put it simply, “Cliché” is cliché. And I realize that by just saying that I’m being cliché which is then cliché that is also cliché and I’m stuck in a continuous cycle of using the word that I think is so overused.

What can we call things that are “Cliché” without using the cliché of saying “cliché”? Does a new word needs to be invented? Should we call overused sayings “Dipwash” or “Schnickletits”? Maybe we can use an old fashioned word that means “cliché” that no one really uses anymore like “Bromide”. “Bromide” means a phrase that has been used so often it implies a lack of originality. The next time someone decides to have a baby to attempt to save their marriage, instead of telling them they’re being “cliché” tell them they’re being “bromide”. They might not get what you mean, but why would they? They’re unoriginal buffoons.

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