Dumbass Sayings: “Birdbrained”

An adult owl is smarter
than your average human
these days.
People back in olde times used to use words like “Harebrained” and “Birdbrained” to describe foolish people instead of current favorites like the R-word or “shit for brains.” Turns out, birds are actually some of the smartest animals around. Scientists have studied birds and shown that they are great puzzle solvers. We’ve always known they use language to communicate to each other, but birds have also been observed using tools. Certain species of bird may even have the ability to see from the perspective of predators. So “birdbrained” is completely inaccurate and wrong. “Harebrained” is still okay though. Rabbits are dumb as hell, but they make up for it by being fluffy as fuck. Birds, elephants, and primates aren’t the cutest animals, but they are among the smartest. The cuter you are the dumber you can be. The creepier you look the more cunning you have evolve to be in order to survive. That’s true for birds and humans. Children can skate through life being dummies because people think they’re cute, but once they become ugly adults they better have an education or they’re screwed. If they grow up to be hot then they can stay dumb and have a nice life, but if they look average or below they better have some serious puzzle solving skills. Why does life work this way? Who knows.

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