Dumbass Sayings: “Talk To The Hand”

You can talk to the fist
when it's rammed down
your throat.
When you’re asking a lady out to a dinner date sometimes she will stick her palm directly into your face and say “Talk to the hand because the face doesn’t want to hear it.” But then when you proceed to ask her hand out on a dinner date she still ignores you and usually walks away muttering “What the hell is wrong with that idiot?” Umm, you said talk into your hand. If that’s what you’re requesting of me then why be surprised when I do it? If I don’t have any luck with your face then the next option is the vagina, but I can’t talk to the vagina or I might end up in a holding cell having to post bail. So if I have to settle for the hand then that’s what I’ll go for. And by the way the face shouldn’t want to hear it because you hear with your EARS. Ears aren’t on your face unless you’re a goddamn Picasso painting.

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