Ask McFartnuggets: "Do Thin Mints Encourage Girl Scout Anorexia?"

If anything, Girl Scout cookies
encourage severe obesity.
Dear McFartnuggets:
I can't believe Girl Scouts are allowed to sell "Thin Mint" cookies. Thin Mints are the most popular Girl Scout cookie and they send a bad message to kids. Girl Scouts wear green which is a mint color then the cookies are called thin. It's like they want to subconsciously tell these girls that they should be thin like thin mints if they want to be popular and make a lot of money. To me that is sickening beyond belief. Shouldn't they be more aware that young girls go through eating disorders? -- Nora from Little Falls, Minnesota

Dear Nora:
I think you're reading a little too far into this. Just because there's a type of cookie called Thin Mints doesn't mean they want girls to BE Thin Mints. They have cookies called Samoas and Tagalongs too. Does that mean they want the girls to move to American Samoa and learn the Filipino language of Tagalog? Would that make sense? Maybe if I found out there were an abundance of anorexic Girl Scouts who've emigrated to Samoa to do the Do-si-do then maybe I'd believe you, but until that happens you're just being silly.

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