Dumbass Sayings: "Goes Without Saying"

Some things really do go
without saying.
Sometimes people say dumb stuff like "It goes without saying, but please don't have sex with my dog while I'm on vacation." Umm... If it goes without saying then why did you just say it? Obviously you know I'm not going to sleep with your dog and you know it's insulting to even infer I would do such a thing, yet you still choose to warn me against it. The only thing that should ever follow the words "It goes without saying" is SILENCE. Anytime you follow those words up with the word "But" you've made a huge mistake and sound like an idiot. In fact, one could argue saying "It goes without saying" goes without saying. So don't even say anything at all. Don't be redundant. Just don't say a damn thing and we'll all be fine!

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