The Top 5 Most Disgusting Bodily Fluids

Most things about the human body are disgusting, but the most disgusting of the disgusting is fluids. Fluids are gross because they can travel from one person to the next quite easily. It's like bodily fluids are rings for ring toss and every opening on your body is a stick in the ground. When someone scores, boom you have AIDS. It's very disturbing. Of course not all fluids are created equal. Here are the top 5 most disgusting bodily fluids:

5. Saliva
Saliva is a very offensive bodily fluid and you know it's offensive because one of the greatest insults throughout the world is spitting on someone. Go anywhere in the world except that African village from "Ace Ventura 2" and spitting in someone's face will be met with great anger.

Spittoons used to be a thing. They're not anymore, because that's disgusting.

4. Bile
It's rare to get someone else's bile on you, but when it happens believe me it's no treat. Bile is corrosive and nasty. There's not much worse than feeling someone's stomach bile burning through your arm.

Someone had too much wine.

3. Blood
Blood is perhaps the most dangerous of all the bodily fluids. When you think about all the diseases you can contract from a person's blood it makes what vampires do seem really disgusting. It's amazing how kids today even look up to vampires. I don't think we've properly educated them on blood borne illness transmission.

There are trillions of these things swimming in your body right now.

2. Semen
It doesn't matter who you are, semen is disgusting. I suppose the greatest miracle of life is that a human could become of a disgusting blob of goo. You never want to come in contact with someone's semen. You never even want to see it, it's a mood spoiler.

Without life sauce we wouldn't be here, yet it's still sickening.

And the number one most disgusting bodily fluid is...

1. Pus
Pus has all the consistency of semen with the properties of blood and the nastiness of bile. Pus even transmits bacteria and viruses. It's the whole package when it comes to stuff you don't want in your mouth. You don't even hear much about people getting diseases from other people's pus because no one wants to be in any situation where it's even possible to ingest another person's pus. There are weird sick fetishes for saliva, bile, blood, and semen but who the hell gets turned on by pus? That's how you know it's the number one worst bodily fluid around.

A cup of pus and dried scabs.

You might be asking yourself where urine is on this list. Well for your information urine is sterile. I can't say the same for everything else on the list. Medically speaking if you had a gallon jug filled with each of these fluids from a complete stranger, their urine jug would be the cleanest to drink. Maybe not the most appealing, but medically the cleanest.

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