3 Telling Signs That a Seemingly Normal Person is Completely Insane

Not all crazy people
are this obvious.
You know when you start talking to a person under the presumption they're a normal mentally healthy person and then they turn out to be the opposite? It can be a pretty unpleasant experience. Fortunately there are ways you can spot a looney tune early on in the conversation so you can cut it off before you realize they have a basement of baby skeletons. Look for these three signs before you decide to keep the date going:

1. They have a dog in a baby carriage
It's totally normal to love your dog as if it's one of your children, but there's a line that needs to be drawn. Putting your baby in a full rolling carriage with a diaper and breastfeeding it is where that line should be drawn.

Having a dog in a baby carriage is only slightly more sane than having a baby doll in one.

2. They wear novelty sunglasses unironically.
A fair number of mentally ill people like to wear sunglasses because it keeps people from "Invading their soul with eye beams." So if you see someone with sunglasses where the lens is shaped like something like stars, hearts, or dolphins and they're not wearing them as a joke, watch out.

If you run into someone wearing 3D movie glasses outside the theater, just walk away.

3. They have had plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery should really be meant to repair serious disfigurements like a missing nose. People who use it to try to look beautiful are clearly a step beyond deranged. If it looked good that'd be one thing, then they'd only be vain and you'd just view them as a pretty asshole. Because it generally looks awful, you have these melted candle faced freaks walking around among the living doing their best to make others feel as uncomfortable as they were apparently made to feel by society about their face before the procedure they felt was necessary.

You know the shit didn't work when people don't know which is the before photo and which is the after.

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