Dumbass Sayings: "Are You Trying to Be Funny?"

When you're drunk at a party wearing a dildo on your head doing breakdancing moves trying to spin on the dildo like a dreidel usually someone at the Chuck E. Cheese says "Are you trying to be funny?" Yeah I guess I am. I mean I'm not entirely aware of my actions right now considering how intoxicated I am, but yes I think it would be accurate to imply there is a form of comedy being attempted here. The thing I don't like about people saying this is they know the answer. Obviously you think there's something funny about what I'm doing otherwise you'd assume I was doing something evil or dangerous. Because you ask me if I'm being funny it usually means you acknowledge the humor deep down, but your ego and manners are trying to disguise that with your high and mighty rhetorical question.

Are you trying to be funny sitting there acting like you're a depressed jester? You think irony is funny you son of a bitch?

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