Dumbass Sayings: “Weekend Warrior”

For some reason people who work five days a week then drink and party on Saturday and Sunday are known as “Weekend warriors.” This is a really stupid phrase for a few reasons. First off, you’re just getting high and dancing at a club until late at night, that’s nothing like war. Getting blackout drunk at a rave is certainly dangerous, but you’re not exactly dodging IEDs in Iraq. Calling yourself a “Weekend warrior” is an insult to the real warriors out there. If one of your heels breaks and you sprain an ankle at the club does that make you a “Wounded weekend warrior?” Calling yourself a “Weekend warrior” is even an insult to legendary warriors like Genghis Khan. You think he would be compare his conquests to drinking too many Jagerbombs after a long workweek?

Second, and more importantly, isn’t this what most people do? Why is there a special name for working 5 days a week and partying on the weekend? That’s fairly standard behavior. Who are all these people who don’t have to work Monday to Friday? I thought that’s how jobs worked. You go to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, then you get a couple days off and go to a bar and snort Cocaine or go to a bareknuckle boxing match and do Meth, or go to a Fast and the Furious style underground street race and do bath salts, but you do something to compensate for how boring 5/7ths of your life is. This behavior does not warrant or deserve a special title, much less one that disrespects military service members.

These are real weekend warriors.

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