Ask McFartnuggets: “Can I Get AIDS From a Mosquito?”

The biggest difference between man
and mosquito? Mosquitoes don't need to
call a doctor when they shit blood.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Long story short, my roommate has AIDS and lately we’ve been having mosquito problems. He keeps complaining about how many times he’s been bit and I’m really concerned that the mosquitoes that bit him will bite me and transmit the virus. Is this possible or am I just being a nervous nelly? -- Bradley from Norfolk, Virginia

Dear Bradley:
Medical papers have been published that show no ability for AIDS to be transmitted by mosquitoes. They attribute this to the fact that the virus doesn’t live very long in a mosquito’s body. Then again, it may still technically be possible. Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it can’t. I’m sure that if by some chance a hundred mosquitos sucked blood from your roommate and then within seconds went directly to you that could be pretty bad. I mean you’d think that would act just like a syringe. The thing is that tends not to happen because mosquitoes don’t really bite someone immediately after they’ve fed. Usually they fly around a lot and by then the virus is gone, unlike other diseases that can live on in the mosquito for awhile. It’s not likely, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible like these doctors do. Technically if you had sex with a mosquito that had AIDS you would probably get it. Doctors and scientists tend to take likely outcomes and declare those as the rule or law, however, we know that often times in life it’s the unlikely that ends up occurring. Good luck with the mosquitoes!

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