Crazy Classic Banned Commercial Compilation From The 60's

Here are some absolutely outrageous commercials you won’t believe ever made it on TV. First off, a commercial from a time when Proctor & Gamble was giving away free steak knives with products like toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant. Apparently the company had to get rid of a crapload of steak knives and thought this would help provoke people to buy essential items that they were going to buy anyway. A highly flawed idea even without considering all the accidental flesh wounds.

Second, a confusing commercial for Brim coffee which seems to be insulting its own product. To make matters worse they misspelled “caffeine.” You’d think a coffee commercial should have that word down.

And last, a completely bewildering ad for a drug filled pudding that actually took pride in its ability to make people trip nutsack.

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