Dumbass Sayings: “Baby You’re a Firework”

The singer Katy Perry has a famous song called “Firework” in which she says “Baby, you're a firework Come on let your colors burst Make them go, "EAAGHHHH EAAAUGHHHH EEEAAAAAAUGHHHH!" The main problem with this song is that being a firework isn’t a good thing. Fireworks are extremely short lived. Why would you want to be something that burns in the air for five seconds and disappears? That’s not a great goal to aspire to. Fireworks are also incredibly dangerous. Firework accidents have led to countless limbs lost, blindness, and other disfigurements. Fireworks in that way are basically like fruity bombs. That’s not exactly something people should aspire to. Then of course, the most glaring flaw with being called a “firework” is that fireworks are only impressive and beautiful in a huge group. If you’re hosting a firework show and you shoot a single firework in the air, people are going to boo and call you a jerk. In order for fireworks to be considered of any value they need to be part of a huge army of similar fireworks and that’s not a good message to send to kids. People should celebrate their individualism and not feel like they need to be grouped. Being called a firework should not be considered a compliment.

If someone tells you you're a firework they're basically saying you're going to have a very short life.

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