Dumbass Sayings: “End of Days”

The crazy lady who wears a plastic grocery bag on her head and eats her own feces at the bus terminal is always yelling about the “End of days.” She’s not alone either. A lot of very religious people are out there trying to warn people about the “End of days” like it’s a horrible thing. Really? Why do people use this term? The end of days? Oh you mean dusk? That’s what the end of days is. The end of days are nights. That’s how days and nights work. Now yes, nighttime can be scary, but that’s why god invented the nightlight. If they’re talking about the apocalypse why not use a different term that can’t be confused with night? Call the apocalypse the “End of months” or “End of hours.” When you talk about the end of hours no one is going to misunderstand what you’re talking about. Or just cut the bullshit and call it “The End of Life.” Isn’t that more direct and to the point? Why even involve calendar bullshit in this? Let’s be frank about this, the apocalypse would be the end of LIFE. That’s a little more stern than just the end of days. You’re already confusing the hell out of people screaming drunk on a subway, let’s try to limit the misunderstandings as much as we can.

Beware the end of days! They're breathtaking.

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