5 New Versions of the Ice Bucket Challenge to Try

Is your bucket getting lonely?
If you’re like me you’re always on the lookout for the newest charity challenges out there on social media. If you’re bored of the Ice Bucket Challenge then you might want to try these five fun new challenges to help raise money and awareness for charity:

1. The Dice Bucket Challenge
Dump a bucket of dice over your head to raise awareness for gambling addiction. Then count all the numbers that the dice have fallen on and add them up and that’s the amount of money you have to donate to the cause. If anyone needs money I think it’s gambling addicts.

Try using all different kinds of dice to spice things up.

2. The “Ice” Bucket Crystal Meth Challenge
As we all know, “Ice” is a common street term for Crystal Meth. Now by purchasing a bunch of “Ice” and dumping it over your head you can help raise awareness for meth addiction. Yes, buying the meth will help fund dealers, but the amount of meth wasted by this if it goes viral will put a huge dent in the meth industry especially if people start stealing it (which I do not recommend).

Oh yeah, that's the good stuff.

3. The Christ Bucket Challenge
With Christmas on its way, one challenge that’s sure to make the rounds on social media is the Christ Bucket Challenge. In this challenge you take a bucket of holy water and pour it over your head to raise awareness for poverty and raise money to help less fortunate families have a proper Christmas.

Jesus did a lot. The least you can do is give him his own bucket challenge.

4. The B.O. Challenge
We all work with or know someone who has awful body odor. It’s an awkward and difficult topic to bring up with the person so to make it a little easier you can challenge them to the B.O. Challenge. The way that works is you sneak up behind them with a bucket of soapy water and fragrance and dump it over their heads and record it to raise awareness for body odor, as well as Breast and Ovary cancer.

If you have to dress up like a plague doctor just to be around someone, it'd be a good idea to nominate them for the B.O. Challenge.

5. The Ray Rice Bucket Challenge
Nothing’s hotter than the Ray Rice and NFL domestic violence issue right now so it’s amazing that the Ray Rice Bucket Challenge hasn’t gone viral yet. Basically how it works is you take a bucket of water and throw it in the face of your significant other. No one really gets hurt, but it is still shocking and will help raise awareness for domestic violence and raise money for battered women’s charities.

People need to know domestic abuse is not okay and bucket challenges are the best way to do that.

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