Dumbass Sayings: “Just Loved It”

Sometimes women say things like “We had the poached salmon and sourdough caper roll and we JUST LOVED IT.” You just loved it? So you did nothing more than just love it? Usually when people say this they’re trying to exhibit an extreme love for something. The problem is the word “just” doesn’t help serve that purpose. “Just” is a word that expresses a limitation. If you JUST love something then that means you didn’t enjoy it or find it delicious, you only loved it. That’s not what you’re intending your words to mean and yet you’re using them improperly anyway. People need to stop this shit before I just kick their ass. That’s right, I’m only going to kick their ass, but I’m going to do it repeatedly until the ass is completely mangled and inoperable. That would at least be a proper usage of the word “just.”

"We had the chocolate souffle and we JUST LOVED IT! IT WAS SO DIVINE!"

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