Ask McFartnuggets: “Are There Conjoined Twin Dating Sites?”

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Dear McFartnuggets: 
Are there conjoined twin dating sites? -- Larry from Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear Larry:
None that I know of. You always hear about dating sites whether it’s Christianmingle or Blackpeoplemeet but you never hear about NoThirdWheel, or some site where conjoined twins can meet each other. I think it’s because conjoined twins view themselves as individuals. You wouldn’t go on double blind dates with your unconjoined sibling so why would people who are physically connected to that? Sure it would be convenient and maybe dating other conjoined twins would be nice because they understand you better, but ultimately that’s just too much. Think about having three other people around all the time. It’s hard enough to be intimate with a single person when you’re a conjoined twin, imagine how hard it is when that other person has a conjoined twin. And god help you if you’re the twin on the left and you fall for the twin on THEIR LEFT. That just seems physically confusing. Just imagine two sets of conjoined twins trying to have sex with the one on the opposite side. That’s actually a rare new sex position called The Sweaty Pretzel. It’s very dangerous and love is about finding someone you want to be with, not risking your life in a four-way orgy of insanity.

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