Five More Fun Facebook Charity Video Challenges To Try

You really don't see enough
nuns doing the ice bucket
If you loved the Ice Bucket Challenge and are looking for the next big viral video challenge then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve suggested a few others before, but the challenges keep coming. There are so many great ways to help raise awareness for causes and raise money for charities that you should participate in as many challenges as you can. Here are five brand new video charity challenges you can try at home and post online and challenge your friends, family, and co-workers to:

1. “The Prostate Challenge”
Help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer by recording yourself as you stick your finger up your own ass. This takes some courage. The idea is that most people won’t want to do this so they’ll pay the larger sum of $100 to the Prostate Cancer charity of their choice. If they do choose to accept the challenge then they only have to donate $10 and wash their hands.

Most people don't even know where to find their prostate. Help spread the awareness.

2. “The Eyes Bucket Challenge”
The Eyes Bucket Challenge is a play off the Ice Bucket Challenge. What you do is you take a bucket of eyeballs from a morgue or some place where there are lots of dead bodies, maybe a lab of some sort. Then you dump the bucket of eyeballs over your head and record it to raise awareness for eye cancer. When was the last time you heard about eye cancer? Clearly it needs some awarenessing and the Eyes Bucket Challenge would work wonders.

These challenges have to be shocking to get attention for the cause.

3. “The Cheese Bucket Challenge”
Dump a bucket of liquid Velveeta cheese over your head to raise awareness for Lactose Intolerance. Anyone can pour ice water over their head, you don’t even need to take a shower after that. But to dump warm fluid cheese over your head is certainly a strong message. Doing something like that really shows you’re making a sacrifice for charity.

If you want to do it with class, buy premium cheese in blocks and melt them down in a big pot.

4. “The Boob Squeeze Challenge”
Squeeze your breasts in a video and post it to social media to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. And no it’s not just for women, if you’re a man you can still participate to raise awareness for Gynecomastia.

Why should these little bastards have all the fun?

5. “The Lesbian Rights Challenge”
This is actually for women only, but basically how this works is two heterosexual women make out and record it and post it on Facebook to raise awareness for lesbian rights. Just because you’re straight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about lesbian rights, ladies!

Just make sure your challenge partner doesn't have herpes. We don't want it to go THAT kind of viral.

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