Ask McFartnuggets: “Will My Plants Become Healthier if I Talk to Them?”

Plants don't have a lot of
 stories to tell, but they're
good listeners.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I just got a new garden and I want to treat my flowers and plants he best that I can. I heard that it’s helpful to talk to your plants. Is that true? What are the reasons for this? -- Lisa from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dear Lisa:
Yes, talking to your plants will help them grow and be healthy. The Mythbusters did an experiment where sound helped plants grow bigger than ones left in silence. When you talk to plants not only are you exposing them to the sound of your voice you’re also breathing carbon dioxide onto them which also makes plants grow. Carbon dioxide is critical to photosynthesis so breathing on them is basically like giving them food. In addition to the audio and CO2 factor, talking to your plants will also help because when people walk by your house seeing you having conversations with your Begonias they’re going to be a little frightened. Odds are they’re going to stay away from your house because they think you’re a damn lunatic and that will keep children and dogs off your lawn and away from your garden. No one’s going to want to anger the “Crazy Plant Lady.” So yes, talking to your plants is a great way to help nurture them for a number of reasons.

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