Dumbass Sayings: “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night”

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football Theme” has a line that says “I’ve been waiting all day for Sunday night.” This would really be more suitable for Monday Night Football. On Mondays people actually wait through the workday and all the horribleness that is Mondays to enjoy a fun football game later at night. On Sunday people spend the entire day watching football so they’re not waiting at all. They’re enjoying football and before they know it there’s one night game on and they’re watching that. No one’s really waiting or looking forward to that. To top it all off, the “Sunday Night Football Theme” is a ripoff of a Joan Jett song called “I Hate Myself For Loving You” which is very fitting considering that’s probably how female NFL fans have to feel about the league amidst all the recent domestic violence scandals. Anyone with a moral conscience should feel guilty and bad about enjoying the NFL considering it’s a system that until now has protected abusers and monsters while making them rich for playing a game. Anyone who considers them even mildly intellectual should feel stupid for loving football considering what a neanderthalic pastime it is, but it is exciting and it taps into a visceral, instinctive need to witness and be a part of violence. It’s that hit and rush of endorphins that people wait all day for, but not on Sunday.

Unless you serve food to people at a restaurant on the weekends, you're not waiting all day for Sunday night.

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