5 Words You Probably Didn’t Know Were Racist

Sometimes you have to look
a little deeper for racism.
In today’s politically correct world where social media is ready to pounce on the slightest mistake to condemn you as a racist, it’s important to be familiar with all the racist terms floating around out there. Ironically, in order to not be a racist you need to know every damn racist word there is so you can avoid using them even accidentally. To help you, I’ve compiled a list of five words that people tend to use regularly without knowing they’re technically considered racist:

1. Eskimo
The actual term for these Alaskan snow people is “Inuit.” It’s a specific tribe of peoples who build igloos and eat narwhal meat. For some reason they consider “Eskimo” to be an offensive term. However, since Inuit people aren’t big into immigration they’re often not around to be offended by your use of the E-word. Still, it’s good to avoid it just to be safe. You never know if one of those folks is following you on Twitter.

Don't let the Inuits hear you calling them Eskimos unless you want a muk luk up your ass.

2. Wigger
When a White person “acts Black” by adapting hip hop culture and dressing in baggy clothes people are very quick to label them a “Wigger.” The problem with this of course is it’s a portmanteau of “White” and The N-Word. People think that just by replacing the N with a W it’s okay to say it, but it’s still basically like using the N-word. I prefer the terms “Whlack” or “Whafrican American.”

White people pretending to be black is a touchy subject in general.

3. Redskin
The strange thing about “Redskin” is it’s seen as an offensive term, yet it’s pretty much only the name of a football team. When was the last time you heard anyone calling anyone a “Redskin”? Still, that doesn’t keep it from being offensive to the Native American community or sunburn victims. Just call them the Washington Retards and steer clear of being accused of racism.

If more people like this guy existed I bet they'd change that team name pretty damn quick.

4. Nip
“Nip” is apparently racist towards Japanese people. It’s a slang abbreviation of the word “Nippon” which is the Japanese word for Japan. It’s a little weird for a shortened version of the name of an actual country to be considered racist, but hey, I’ve been told it is. It’s the equivalent of calling someone from Afghanistan an “Afg” and having that be racist, but if you want to be safe just don’t say it. That could be a little difficult with products like Cheese Nips on the market and nip also being a common abbreviation for nipples.

Cheez-Its: The non-racist cheese cracker.

5 Whitie
“Whitie” is a racist term toward White people even though no one really has their feelings hurt by it. I guess you have to look at it like the term “Redskin.” People always argue that if the Washington Redskins were the Washington Blackskins or Yellowskins people would be very offended. If you called people Blackie or Yellowie that would be considered racist which means Whitie must be racist too.

This would be a bad place to yell the W-word.

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