Dumbass Sayings: “An Historic Night”

For some reason the phrase “An historic night” has been accepted as a grammatically correct saying. Sometimes you’ll hear someone say “Tonight we ordered three midget strippers and a twelve foot party sub. Grandma is never going to forget this birthday! It’s going to be AN HISTORIC NIGHT!” That just doesn’t sound right. You wouldn’t say “An night you’ll never forget” so why is saying “An historic night” okay? When you’re referring to a night it’s a singular thing like A bowling pin or A prostitute. You don’t say “Last night I put an bowling pin in AN prostitute’s hoohah.” You wouldn’t say “An midget gave my grandmother AN case of gonorrhea.” Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Why do nights get special treatment when it comes to this? Is it because the word starts with N and when you say “A night” it sort of sounds like “An night”? If that’s the reason then that’s just lazy. Laziness is what’s ruining grammar these days. It’s the reason one day “u” will completely replace “you” and one day “i” will replace “eye.” The problem is some people who think they use proper grammar believe “An historic night” is the proper way. This needs to be stopped. The next time you hear somoene say “An historic night” tell them to take an grammar lesson.

Oh what an night!

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