Ask McFartnuggets: “ Why Do They Call Them Trailers When They Come on BEFORE The Movie?”

I'm not going to see that one.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Why the hell do they call those movie previews “Trailers” if they come on BEFORE the movie at the movie theater? Shouldn’t they be play after so they’re TRAILING the film? Shouldn’t those after credits scenes be called trailers? Why don’t they just do that? Wouldn’t that be easier instead of calling them post credit scenes? -- Bianca from Mount Vernon, New York

Dear Bianca:
Yes it would be easier and more logical to call post credit scenes “trailers,” but when has Hollywood shown any interest in being logical? To answer your first question, previews used to be played after the featured movie a long time ago, but they stopped doing that because it was clearly a foolish idea. I mean who the hell wants to stay past the credits just to watch previews? For some idiotic reason they kept the name and now our assbackwards culture still calls them trailers. I guess the name kind of makes sense if you consider the fact that people can talk during the trailers and still be noisy like people who live in a trailer park. The official movie hasn’t started yet so people can still behave like animals. Or maybe they’re “trailers” because they’re leaving a trail of interest for you to follow when eventually go see the previewed movie. Yeah, let’s just pretend that’s the reason.

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