Dumbass Sayings: “I’ve Been Dancing Since I Was 2-Years-Old”

For some reason, a lot of cheerleaders, ballerinas, and strippers like to say “Dancing is my life! I’ve been dancing since I was 2-years-old!” What kind of dancing are you doing when you’re two-years-old exactly? You don’t know how to read and you’re doing choreographed dancing? Now I know reading and dancing have nothing to do with each other, but get your priorities in check. All you two-year-olds out there, you should really be focusing on getting the reading and speaking thing down before you start attempting to master physical arts. Two-year-olds aren’t even truly capable of dancing. When you’re that old all you can really do is just flail around while music is playing. Now that might be what I consider dancing, but as I have been told several times at “So You Think You Can Dance?” auditions, that is NOT dancing. You can’t count that part of your life when it comes to how long you’ve been involved in a career. That’s like me saying I’ve been doing karate since I was 2-years-old just because I punched my grandpa in the nutsack by accident when I was a toddler. That just doesn’t count.

I've been pooping since I was 2-years-old, but I still have my difficulties from time to time. 

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