Dumbass Sayings: “That’s So Funny I Forgot To Laugh”

Sometimes when you tell someone a joke or do an impression that they don’t like they’ll say “That’s so funny I forgot to laugh!” I really dislike this saying because it’s very insulting to people with Alzheimer’s Disease. They are the only people who would ever find something so funny that they forgot to laugh. People without a mental disease like Alzheimer’s would never forget to laugh if something was funny. That’s just not something that people do unless they have a serious disability. So basically when someone says this they’re mocking people with Alzheimer’s. When you’re telling a joke to someone with Alzheimer’s sometimes they’ll say “That’s so funny! ... I forgot to laugh.” When they say it they’re being sincere and they really enjoyed your joke. When some jackass says it sarcastically they’re just being an insensitive prick. The ironic thing is people say “That’s so funny I forgot to laugh” sarcastically meaning that there’s technically a humorous aspect to them saying this. And yet, someone saying this is probably even more unfunny than your joke. So they’re answering your attempt at humor with their own half assed cliche attempt at humor except they’re failing even worse which invalidates their opinion entirely. This is just an all-around dumb, overused phrase that I can’t believe people still use.

No one under the age of 70 should be able to say this.

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