Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do Rappers Always Say What Year it is?”

Rappers must be big "Jumanji"
fans because they're always answering
the question "What year is it?!"
Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come rappers always say what year it is in their songs? They always go “IT’S THE YEAR 2005, BITCHES!” What is the purpose of this? From what I can tell all it does is literally date their music when you listen to songs from a decade ago. I mean if you were just listening to a song from 2004 you might say “Hey that’s a good song who is this?” Then you find out it’s from 2004 and realize it’s an old song and no one cares about it anymore so you don’t bother looking up the rapper because you assume they’re dead and they probably are. Also it completely ruins rap trivia games. If someone asks you what year a certain song was released all you have to do is recite the lyrics to yourself. So why do they do this? -- Valerie from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dear Valerie:
I’m going to guess that rappers are on so much marijuana and other drugs that they have to constantly be reminding themselves what year it is. Also, there are some positives to yelling the year in your songs. For instance, when normal people are reminiscing with old friends they say “Yeah that was great when that happened, what year was that again? 2004?” But a rapper will know immediately, “It was 2003, that’s the year Hard Banging Bitches came out.” It’s nice to be able to remember. It will probably help aging rappers because their memories will be so closely associated with the dates which can help cement those memories. All the weed smoke and purple drink they’ve ingested through the years might negate that, but still…

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