Dumbass Sayings: “Do Me!”

When someone finds out you do impressions of people they’ll often times run up to you and yell “DO ME! DO MEEEEE!!” This can be a very confusing and misleading exclamation coming from a woman. One minute this woman thinks she’s asking you to do an impression of her, the next you’re on the ground in handcuffs facing sexual assault charges. To be clear, “Do me!” has to count as consent. We all know what “Do me” is supposed to mean. If you want someone to do an impression of you then you need to say “Do AN IMPRESSION OF me.” Let’s steer clear of any unfortunate scenarios and just throw those extra three words in there to clarify things for everyone including the potential witnesses. I don’t want to blame the woman here, but you need to be somewhat aware of the things you’re saying and the impact these things have on other people, that’s just basic sense. Plus, nothing even happened. I realized my mistake pretty fast and there was really no need to kick me in the testicles. It was an honest mistake. I misunderstood. I’m sorry, okay?

I can't even really do impressions of women so this command is INCREDIBLY misleading.

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