Dumbass Sayings: "Above the Influence"

There's a popular anti-drug campaign out there that encourages kids to be "Above the influence." It's a play on the phrase "under the influence, but there's a big problem with this phrase. If you're trying to stop teenagers from getting high, don't tell them to go even higher. If being on drugs is called "getting high" then that would mean the lower the better. So being above the influence would mean getting higher than high. That's a horrible message. Let's say a group of teens figures out how to get higher than high while being above the influence. Then over time they'll build up a tolerance to being above the influence and need a much stronger high which may result in them trying heroin, cocaine, or meth. Or maybe they still avoid drugs but they need bigger rushes like jumping out of moving cars and basejumping. Being above the influence could be a gateway or more like an elevator. Kids need to be told to stay grounded. Don't get high, stay grounded and rooted in reality. Telling them to keep going up higher and higher and higher is not a smart idea.

Smoking bath salts is safer than this shit.

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