Dumbass Sayings: “Protect The Shield”

How about protecting
players' families?
With the NFL coming under great scrutiny of late, there’s a lot of talk about the NFL’s “Shield” logo. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell always talks about “Protecting the shield” and protecting what it stands for. It’s a SHIELD. You don’t protect a shield. A shield is meant to protect YOU. No wonder these fools in the NFL hierarchy can’t get their house in order, they don’t understand basic concepts like shields. That’s all a bunch of bullshit anyway, no one cares about the NFL’s logo or what the NFL stands for. It’s a football league, what the hell can it possibly stand for? Obviously it doesn’t stand for respecting women and children we know that, but to be fair what can we expect from a professional sports consortium? Their job isn’t to be a courtroom for moral conundrums. Their job is to put on shows where a bunch of giant men smash into each other over and over again. That’s all we really care about. That’s the reason the NFL can experience scandal after scandal and they’ll never really have a problem. Americans love football and as long as we don’t look to the players for moral guidance then we can continue to love football. Dumb people are going to dumb things no matter what, regardless of whether they’re football players or not. The real problem is parents who allow their children to view football players as role models. They’re football players! Why would you ever let a child look up to them? What have they done to deserve such reverence? Score touchdowns? How is that applicable to the progression of a child’s character? The problem the NFL is facing isn’t domestic violence, it’s education. Only a moron would punch his fiance and knock her out cold. Only a moron would beat his kid with a stick til the kid bled. Only morons would let their kids hold those players up to be heroes. And only a moron wouldn’t understand that a shield’s job is to protect you and not the other way around. Maybe they should play without the helmets, after all, what do they really have to protect?

Does anyone remember what Michael Vick did to innocent animals? No, because fantasy football points are more important.

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