Dumbass Sayings: “Domestic Violence”

Football season is back which means domestic violence is back in discussion. “Domestic violence” is a flat out misleading term. A lot of people out there think if they beat up their girlfriend at a hotel it’s not “Domestic violence” because it didn’t technically happen at home in a domicile. Some people out there think it’s okay to beat your kids and family as long as you’re on vacation, especially overseas or in another country. Well guess what, idiot! It’s still domestic violence because the word “domestic” pertains to anything dealing with a family. Just because you bought some JetBlue tickets doesn’t mean you can give your kid a black eye. And even if you don’t consider your girlfriend or stepson your real family, that doesn’t mean attacking them is acceptable. There’s no such thing as “Foreign violence.” Technically if you beat up a stranger it would be “Foreign violence” and that’s bad too. It’s not as bad as domestic violence though, for some reason. It’s worse if you know the people and they’re supposed to be people you care about. If you have a problem with people in your family just leave. If you’re thinking about punching your fiance then maybe it’s a good idea to take some time off. Counseling is what people like to try, but basically that’s just a last ditch effort to try and force a relationship to work. Usually when you want to kill someone, that’s a pretty good sign you shouldn’t be around them. I know you’re scared of being alone, but that beats being put in jail or being suspended from the NFL. The bottom line is you shouldn’t want to knock out the people you’re supposed to love. That should be common sense, folks!

Yes, beating your family on a cruise ship is still domestic violence, even in international waters!

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