Ask McFartnuggets: “What’s Less Stupid Looking a Unicycle or a Tricycle?”

Unicycles still have a goofy
stigma attached to them.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I’ve been thinking about a new way to get to work without a car or bicycle and I don’t want to walk so I guess that leaves me having to choose between a unicycle and a tricycle. I just want to know which one would look the least stupid for me to ride? -- Tabitha from Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Tabitha:
That’s a difficult question. What’s interesting is that unicycles are considered weird and bicycles are normal, cars of course are widely seen as the best form of transportation so you’d think maybe the more wheels you add the better. Then you get the tricycle which ruins that whole theory. There must be some kind of weird phenomenon where society is only accepting of even numbers of wheels. I would have to say tricycles are slightly more uncool because unicyclists can do tricks and do a lot of extreme terrain uncycling. No one has really done that with tricycles yet. The bottom line is that unicycles are generally ridden by adults and tricycles by children. Until that changes, tricycles will be slightly lamer than unicycles.

Ultimately, tricycles are just a little dumber looking.

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