5 New Alternatives to the Ice Bucket Challenge

Not enough Eskimos are
taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.
If you’ve done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and are still hungry for fun charity challenges then you should check out this list of my five new challenges that could very well be the new viral charity phenomenon. If you’re bored and looking for ways to help raise awareness for important issues then try one or all five of these zany, fun challenges and post your videos on Facebook:

1. The Alphabet Soup Challenge.
Dump a bowl of alphabet soup over your head to raise awareness for adult illiteracy.

Most foreign children read English better than the average American adult.

2. The Jar of Mayo Challenge.
You have to record yourself eating an entire jar of mayonnaise in under half an hour. If you fail or vomit you must donate $100 to a heart disease charity of your choice.

Making your own mayonnaise makes it even more rewarding.

3. The Hydrochloric Acid Bucket Challenge
This one is pretty self explanatory. You dump a bucket of hydrochloric acid over your head to raise awareness for acid attack victims. This can help raise money for victims to get facial reconstruction surgeries and skin grafts.

This challenge takes some serious balls, but it's totally worth it.

4. The Mrs. Doubtfire Challenge.
Wear a rubber bodysuit, set the breasts on fire, and put them out with pot lids to raise awareness for depression and Parkinson’s in honor of the great Robin Williams.

You'll also be raising awareness for transvestites.

5. The MSG Challenge
Studies have shown that the claims of Monosodium Glutamate negative health effects are untrue. Despite this, many people still believe MSG is harmful and will avoid it at all costs. To help dispel this myth you can dump a bucket of soy sauce over your head. Soy sauce contains glutamate and is synonymous with Chinese food so it would be a symbolic way to help teach people about this issue.

Do Spanish people think Soy sauce is "I Am Sauce"?

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