Dumbass Sayings: “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

Sometimes when you’re in a chase with a highway patrolman and he nudges your car into a ditch and you crash between the base of a bridge and an old tree while you have a dead hooker in the trunk he’ll say “Looks like someone’s caught between a rock and a hard place!” Excuse me? “A rock and a hard place”? What the hell is a “hard place”? Do you mean a “wall”? Just say a WALL! “Between a rock and a wall.” Was that so difficult? That’s five fewer letters to say. Also, a large enough rock to trap you in a certain position would basically be a “hard place” of it’s own. So basically you’re saying “Caught between a hard place and a hard place” which is damn stupid. Why do people say these things? Why do people say things that don’t even make sense? Just because someone said something a long time ago doesn’t mean you have to keep repeating it in modern life. People just love parroting phrases from long ago. No one ever bothers to try and make up their own original phrases. It’s sad really.

This phrase is popular at quarries where many accidental deaths are attributed to being trapped or crushed between a rock and a hard place.

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