Dumbass Sayings: “Stray The Course”

Audi’s new slogan is “Stray the course” and in their commercial they talk about straying from convention to design a new car. However, “Stray the course” is probably not the best slogan for a CAR COMPANY. My uncle has been arrested three times for “straying the course” while driving drunk. With all this attention on texting and driving lately, veering and straying is not something you want to promote. When I hear “Stray the course” I assume their cars don’t have a hands free entertainment and communications console so you have to keep your phone in your hand to talk while you’re playing a driving game on your iPad. That’s dangerous. When I hear “Stray the course” I assume their cars don’t have that new auto-correct driving alert/assistance for to tell people when they’re straying off their lane on the highway. Now “Stray the course” might be a good sales pitch for any other technological gizmo, but not for a car where the main concern for everyone driving is to pick a course and stay on it so that they arrive at their location safe.

This is often what happens when you stray the course.

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