Ask McFartnuggets: “How Come No One Finds My Dreams As Interesting As I Do?”

How exciting could your
dreams be if you're sleeping
through them?
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Whenever I have a dream that’s really interesting and exciting I like to tell people about it, but what I keep finding is that when I’m telling them about the dream they start to get really bored. How can something so interesting to me be so uninteresting to other people? I had a dream a dragon with Oprah’s face was asking me riddles that I had to solve or else my family would be burned alive. It was so intense and scary! But when I told people at work they didn’t even care! Why come that is? -- Doug from Tallahassee, Florida

Dear Doug:
This is a rather common phenomenon. The problem is dreams are only exciting to the people actually having them. You know how someone can tell you about their kids and their family and you don’t give a damn? Dreams work the same way except they’re usually even less interesting to people because they didn’t even happen. If you really want people to be interested in your dreams, do what I do and don’t tell people you were dreaming. Just tell people what happened in your dream but instead of saying “Last night I dreamed…” Say “Last night…” Then you wind up starting conversations like “Last night I had wild sex with an hooker who looked like a Ellen DeGeneres then I did a bunch of cocaine and lit my ex-wife’s house on fire.” Who’s going to find that boring? Instead if you say you dreamed that, automatically people start to shut down.

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