Ask McFartnuggets: “Are You Allowed to Write on Tiny Flags?”

Tiny flags are still flags.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Hey I know it’s not okay to write on full sized authentic American flags because it’s disrespectful, but what about those little tiny flags? Is it still wrong to write on those or is it okay because they’re not real flags? I mean they’ve got mini plastic staffs for godsake. How can that be taken seriously as an actual flag? -- Deborah from Wisconsin

Dear Deborah:
I think it is acceptable to write on a tiny flag. You would never see someone write on a full sized flag and It’s sad that in today’s society it’s considered okay to write on tiny flags. You have to ask yourself what a flag represents and why that’s important. A flag represents a country and even a tiny flag represents its country so just because something’s small doesn’t mean it should be disrespected. Size shouldn’t matter when it comes to flags. The next time you see someone writing a message on a tiny flag you should stop them. That’s like being allowed to abuse a dwarf person, technically. Just because something is smaller doesn’t mean you get to step all over it, especially when it represents your nation.

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