Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Rude to Talk to Someone on the Phone While You’re on the Toilet?”

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Dear McFartnuggets: 
I was talking to someone on the phone while I was taking a crap the other day and after they heard a turd they said “Are you on the toilet? GROSS! Then they hung up.” I had to call the job back and see if I could schedule a new phone interview, but they never contacted me back. Is it really considered bad or rude to talk to someone while you’re on the toilet? I mean come on, you bring your phone into the bathroom! Who leaves their phone when they go to take a shit? What if you miss an important call? Just take the damn call on the toilet. What’s the problem with that? -- Ophelia from Irving, Texas

Dear Ophelia:
It really all depends who you’re talking to. For instance, I wouldn’t take a phone interview for a job on the toilet. On the other hand, if I was calling a customer service line or tech support where you’re on hold a lot and it’s annoying to call in the first place, then calling on the toilet is perfectly fine. And if you’re ever on the line with telemarketers I would suggest ONLY talking to them while you’re on the toilet so you can make them feel as uncomfortable as they’re making you feel. Thanks for the question.

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