Dumbass Sayings: "Funeral Home"

When your grandpa had one too many drinks before going on his school bus route, your parents tell you “It’s time to take grandpa to the funeral home.” They actually call the place you bring dead people to be put in suits and coffins a “funeral home.” This always bothered me. Why would they call it that? It's not a damn home. No one lives there. The concept of a home is a place where someone feels like they can set up a permanent residence and keep all their personal belongings. Homes are places where people LIVE. If anything a funeral home is the exact opposite of a home because the big theme there is death. Whatever the opposite of a home is, that's what a funeral home should be called. Even if someone does live in one then that person is likely mentally ill. Why would we bother acknowledging them by calling it a home? Do you call the subway a home just because hobos live there? Funeral homes are where corpses go when they no longer have a home. Their home becomes dirt or an urn. Why can’t we just be honest and call them “Death buildings” or “Funeral stations”? Softening up language because people are too sensitive is fine as long as it still makes sense. Once you start warping reality that’s when things get stupid.

Home is where the heart is... burned into ash in an oven.

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