Ask McFartnuggets: "Is it Wrong to Donate Hair to Cancer Patients?"

Wigs tend to make people
look stupid.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I was thinking about giving some of my long ass hair to a charity like Locks of Love that donates the hair to make wigs for people with cancer. I was then met with a few people who were telling me it's wrong to promote and support cancer wigs because their existence makes little girls with cancer feel like they're inferior to other girls who have hair. I thought about it and it really made sense. I still feel like I want to help and put my hair to good use, but I'm not sure if cancer wigs are the best option. What should I do? -- Steve from Maitland, Florida

Dear Steve:
Wow you must have really long hair. The question you pose is an interesting conundrum. Yes it is messed up to make girls with cancer feel like they're not beautiful if they don't have long hair. However, at the same time if they want to wear a wig that's their decision and they should be allowed to do that with the best hair possible. So why not donate? If you're really against helping out people with cancer you could always sell your hair to weave companies. I hear they pay top dollar for long hair. Hope everything works out!

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