Dumbass Sayings: “Out of This World!”

Sometimes a guy will run up to you and say “You’ve gotta try my grandmother’s veal! It’s out of this world!” Whoa, whoa whoa! First of all, who the hell are you? Second, so your grandmother’s veal tastes like space food? When I hear “Out of this world” I’m thinking otherworldly meaning residing in the domain of outer space. How and why would anything of that place be tantalizing to my taste buds? People need to stop using this hyperbole of “out of this world” to describe earthly things. If you’re going to describe something as “out of this world” it had better be a meteorite or a mutilated alien corpse. Here’s an example of when it’s okay to use the phrase “Out of this world”: “Hey look at this rock they took from the Moon on the Apollo missions! It’s out of this world!” Even when you use the phrase properly it sounds stupid. Yes we all know a space rock is out of this world. Now if you’re talking about your grandmother’s veal then you’re clearly full of shit. Ultimately, there’s no reason to ever call something “Out of this world” because you’re either stating the obvious or blatantly lying. Unless your grandmother makes her veal out of E.T.’s dick, it’s not out of this world and you need to stop saying that.

Is your grandmother's veal THIS? No? Then shut up.

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