Ask McFartnuggets: "Why Aren't There Any Obese Superheroes?

Maybe fat people flying is
where people's suspension of
disbelief finally snaps.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come you never see any morbidly obese Superheroes in comic books and movies? I mean who are fat kids with glandular problems supposed to look up to? Seeing all fit and slim superheroes probably makes them feel even worse about themselves. People always complain about how there aren't that many female superheroes well there's basically ZERO obese ones so I think that takes precedence. -- Dietrich from Gary, Indiana

Dear Dietrich:
That is true, you don’t see too many overweight heroes and I think it’s because people don’t look up to the obese. Obesity is a little different than gender and ethnicity and sexual orientation because it’s the one thing that you really can control. Whether that’s true or not, the important thing is that people believe it so you don’t see parents encouraging their fat kids to find obese role models. Instead, they would rather inspire and motivate their kids to lose weight to look more like average superheroes. Maybe an out of shape superhero here and there would be a nice thing to at least give a role model to kids who really can’t lose weight like Samoan kids or something. I mean if Marvel and DC can depict skinny women with superstrength flying around why not a fat guy? That’s just as realistic. Once you get past a certain point of wackiness you can get away with a lot. That’s how “Guardians of the Galaxy” managed to be successful despite the fact that it’s absolutely ridiculous. Yes it is weird that a raccoon is a hero, but it’s also weird that an alien man can come to Earth and be deathly allergic to a glowing green metal. I think the real reason you don’t see as many fat superheroes is comic book companies would have to use extra plastic to make the action figures which would wind up costing them a lot of money.

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