Ask McFartnuggets: "How Come No One Says God Bless You When I Sneeze In My Pants?"

Dear McFartnuggets:
Usually when someone sneezes another person will say "God bless you." So how come when I sneeze in my pants people never say "God bless you"? Instead they get all scared and run away. -- Pablo from Denver

Dear Pablo:
Fortunately, sneezing in your pants is not as common as sneezing from your nose and mouth. Because of that most people don't know how to react when it happens. People need to realize that it is just like normal sneezing except it's a little more messy and it's rarely triggered by pollen unless you really love trees.  

Don't be insulted when no one says "God bless you" when you pants sneeze. For one, there's not a loud sound to inform people. Unless you're listening close there's no auditory signal that a sneeze has occurred. Sadly, the best you can expect from people is to hand you a tissue.

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