Ask McFartnuggets: “If Left Twix And Right Twix Are In Competition Why Are They Packaged Together?”

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left Twix.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I keep seeing these commercials that show that Twix bars are made by Left Twix and Right Twix and they have totally different factories. Well if they’re competing with each other, why do they package their product together under the same name? What kind of sense does that make? You’d think they could just realize they’re making the same damn thing and partnering together so they could put their differences aside and work together. I’m guessing someone slept with someone else’s wife and they haven’t been able to forgive each other. You’d think adults running a chocolate factory could be wise enough to put that behind them and help increase production efficiency. All this does is show us that the people who run Twix are clearly idiots and I refuse to buy their product. -- Steve from Wisconsin

Dear Steve:
Yeeeeeeeaah... I think it’s just something they made up for the commercials.

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