The Top 5 Worst Things To Wear To Jury Duty

Most courts are fairly lax when it comes to jury duty dress code. Usually they say “As long as your genitals are not showing, you’re good to go”, but it’s important to protect the integrity of the judicial system and respect the court. There are certain outfits you just shouldn't wear to jury duty even if they comply with the court’s dress code and here are the 5 worst:

5. Frankenstein costume
While there’s nothing technically wrong with dressing up like Frankenstein’s monster to jury duty it is very distracting for everyone involved and can interfere with the process running smoothly.

Dressing up like Frankenstein's monster and groaning the whole time can be a little distracting to your fellow jurors as well as the attorneys.

4. Just a thong
Technically if your privates are covered by the thong this is legal to wear in a court, but it can be a distraction for other jurors and could pose a problem if the guy on trial is a sex rapist pervert murderer.

Just don't bring a pointy gold spear. That will be confiscated.

3. Prison inmate orange jumpsuit
Even if it’s a Halloween costume, there’s usually very tight security when entering a courtroom so you don’t want to give the guards any reason to search you in your intimate areas.

There are sometimes cops in a courthouse so you don't want to get them on edge.

2. Judge’s robe
One of the worst things to wear to a trial is a judge’s robe. Definitely don’t do this. Also don’t bring your own gavel and overrule objections on your own.

You don't want to show up to court looking like you just came from a funeral graduation.

And the number one worst thing to wear to jury duty is…

1. O.J. Simpson football jersey
An OJ Simpson USC or Buffalo Bills jersey is probably one of the worst things you can wear to court because it highlights the absurdity of the justice system in today’s America and makes you appear like a troublemaker. Wearing an O.J. jersey is a pretty bold move even outside of court.

No one's more infamous in the court system than this guy.

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