Ask McFartnuggets: "Why Are Weather Forecasts Wrong So Often?"

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Dear McFartnuggets:
How come it's so common for weathermen to tell you it's going to rain or snow and then it doesn't?  Why are they wrong so often? -- Percy from Philly

Dear Percy:
Weather prediction is an inexact science. In a way they're always guessing. The problem is whenever there's the slightest chance of rain they'll tell you it's going to rain because they know people don't really get mad when it doesn't rain. People get mad when it rains after they've been told it will be sunny and nice. Basically they're cheating the system. They're hedging their bets and not being called on their bullshit. It's all a big scam. To be fair to them you can't really predict the weather. Predicting Mother nature is like predicting what your bipolar ex-wife is going to do on one of her meth binges. All you can do is assume it's bad and brace for the storm.

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