Dumbass Sayings: "Life Is A Highway"

In life, you have to be prepared
for the occasional bear.
A guy named Tom Cochrane once said "Life is a highway" and "I want to drive it all night long." While life can be seen as a drive, comparing it to a highway is a little strange. Driving on a highway isn't that much fun. It's usually pretty monotonous and boring, so much so that car makers invented cruise control to drive for you. The fun is when you're actually at your destination not the actual road.

One of the only times highways can be fun is when you're speeding away from the cops. I don't think that's a behavior people should be encouraged to recreate in the name of fun though because there are way more ways to have fun in life unlike highways.

Another fun thing to do on a highway is rubberneck past a horrific car accident. Is that what life is? That's what death is. Death is just as much of a highway as life.

And lastly you can get drunk in life, but not on a highway. Maybe life is a highway for sober individuals who get their jollies looking at road signs. For the rest of us, life is more like a roller coaster. It has it's twists and turns, there's a lot of waiting, but it's always fun and there are no babies allowed.

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