Dumbass Sayings: “Bananas”

What's so crazy about this?
It's a blue nutsack filled with
bananas. Big deal.
Somewhere along the line the word “bananas” became synonymous with “crazy.” What is so crazy about bananas? They’re yellow, they look kinda like alien dicks, and they have a peel you can easily remove. What is so crazy about that? Is potassium crazy? What is the reasoning here?

I think the answer lies in the terms “bat shit” and “ape shit.” These too have come to be linked with insanity. Bats and apes do eat bananas, so maybe that’s why bananas means crazy. If that is the case then that’s ridiculous. You can’t just take an item in the diet of a crazy animal and then directly link it to being crazy. That’s like seeing a crazy person who only eats legumes and calling them “nuts.”...

I really don’t know what it is with humans and linking insanity to food items. If anything, call “Taco Bell” should mean crazy because only a lunatic would willingly eat at a place that turns your asshole into a flamethrower nozzle. They even name some of their items “Loco”, the Spanish word for crazy. Who’s more insane the guy eating only bananas and peanuts or the guy eating from the Taco Bell breakfast menu? That is close, but the answer is eating breakfast tacos made out of waffles. And who the hell would trust eggs from a Taco Bell? THAT is the new “bananas”.

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